Club Fantastic

Bring home the club! Club Fantastic is a free dance rhythm game based on StepMania. Download now and start dancing tonight!

  • ➜  32 original tracks (bangers!)
  • ➜  Steps for beginners and esports players
  • ➜  Stream-friendly, legal music and art
  • ➜  Endless creations from the StepMania community

Download for Windows PCs
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Track List

Maxo - SSS
Banner for SSS
Banner for BOSSY
xaimus - Oceania 909
Banner for Oceania 909
Rhythmics - Adore
Banner for Adore
Save New Jersey - Save New Jersey
Banner for Save New Jersey
T2KAZUYA - Dysangel
Banner for Dysangel
Adrian Alexander - Artifacts
Banner for Artifacts
team BOUNCE - We Can Bounce!!
Banner for We Can Bounce!!
Verve - Horsepower
Banner for Horsepower
Quad Star System - Fantastic World
Banner for Fantastic World
Jorts - Singularity
Banner for Singularity
A_Rival - Wandering (VIP)
Banner for Wandering (VIP)
MegaSphere - WRVTH
Banner for WRVTH
MachineAge - demonstration protocol
Banner for demonstration protocol
Verve - Wipeout
Banner for Wipeout
Ohayo Rivers - Melody Mountain
Banner for Melody Mountain
ctrl+r - BACK UP
Banner for BACK UP
coda - succulynt
Banner for succulynt
xaimus - Oceania 909 (T2KAZUYA Remix)
Banner for Oceania 909 (T2KAZUYA Remix)
Shirobon - Step It
Banner for Step It
BABYPOWDER - BOSSY (Jorts Speedy Mix)
Banner for BOSSY (Jorts Speedy Mix)
team BOUNCE - Can't You Bounce!?
Banner for Can't You Bounce!?
Snooze - Beachside Photoshoot
Banner for Beachside Photoshoot
Verve - Six Million
Banner for Six Million
MegaSphere - Roadman
Banner for Roadman
Tee Lopes & Dylan James - POT
Banner for POT
Voia feat. Slyleaf - DNA
Banner for DNA
ÆSC - Y.E.A.H.
Banner for Y.E.A.H.
Tee Lopes - Shoes (Club Fantastic Edit)
Banner for Shoes (Club Fantastic Edit)
Lindsay Lowend - TerpZone
Banner for TerpZone

Download Club Fantastic

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Trouble with timing? See our notes on song sync.

About Club Fantastic

Let's keep dancing forever. Using our creative skills, open source software, and the power of PLUR, we're building a non-profit dance game for the international community. Club Fantastic makes it easy for anyone to start dancing.

Professional musicians and tournament-level players build our tracks from the ground up, making everything fresh for the game. On top of that, we add StepMania, Simply Love and other open source components!

Is the music free?

Club Fantastic music is meant to be heard. Blast your favorite tracks in the car, upload videos, stream your performances, and make cool stuff without worrying! Of course, the artists keep their copyrights, because they put in a lot of hard work. Check out their other music too... you'll definitely find something you love!

Who made this?

You can find full credits for Club Fantastic on our wiki — including backstage details about each track!